*I’m* a copywriter – hi!

Wait, what is copywriting?

Ah OK, well copywriting is simply using carefully selected words to communicate a story. Your story. In a way that means you get something out of it, like more customers, website traffic, or flowers and chocolates.

If you have any kind of web presence, you need words that are well put together. Not just for your lovely customers, but so that things like Google will make sure you show up in the results when someone searches for “Tommy Cooper impersonator vintage car wash” (or whatever your niche is).

So the good news is…

… You’re in the right place (the loos are just down the hall, help yourself to a custard cream).

I’m Kate and I’m a freelance copywriter

I’m based in the UK and I write interesting words for clients all over the world on things like websites, social media content, blogs, product pitches, and a lot more besides.

This is my website (you may have figured)

Here you’ll find my copywriter portfolio, with some examples of things I’ve written for other folk.

And, if you’re innerested, there’s my blog. It’s bit of a meander through the avenues of my mind (I mean who doesn’t want to experience that to the fullest?!). But spoiler alert: it mainly brings everything back to words, cats, dogs, and Victoria Wood.

OK, off you pop

Have a look around.

If any of these snippets tickle your fancy, it’d be great to chat to you. Maybe I can help you with your word, cat, dog or Victoria Wood related problems?

If you’re not sure where to start, why not have a peek at my blog posts about digital and website copywriting?

P.S. Those aren’t my hands at the top of the page.